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Neyland Yacht Haven
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Sheltered, scenic waters guide you to a warm welcome at Neyland Yacht Haven

Getting Here

Neyland town centre is a 5 minute walk from the marina

The town caters for all basic needs. Should you want larger supermarkets/shops the towns of Milford Haven and Haverfordwest are a short bus/taxi journey away.

By Road

The postcode for Sat Nav users is SA73 1PY / Google maps

The A477 from Neyland links the M4 and M5 to West Wales. The marina is approximately 2.5 hours from the Severn Bridge. For sat nav users enter the postcode SA73 1PY.

By Rail

The mainline railway from Cardiff stops at Haverfordwest and Milford Haven, the Marina being just a short taxi ride or bus trip away.

By Taxi

A local taxi firm is available and arrangements can be made to meet trains if required. Contact Tel: 01646 600642.

By Ferry

Irish Ferries run a service from Rosslare to Pembroke Dock, which is, located a short distance from the Marina.

Approaches and Navigational Information

Neyland Yacht Haven MapPilotage in the Haven

  • From Dale to Lawrenny in the east is approximately 12 miles.
  • The entrance to the Haven is very straightforward, but during periods of heavy weather and in strong winds against the ebb give St Anne's Head a wide berth to avoid the confused sea. There are two deep water channels: small craft must keep clear of tankers and other deep draught vessels, but there is plenty of room between these channels and the shore.
  • Vessels should maintain a distance of 90m from the oil refinery jetties. The shipping movements for the day are broadcast on VHF Ch12: 0800-0830 & 2000-2030. The channels are well marked by lit buoys.
  • Download the marina map

Approaches to Neyland

  • After passing Milford Haven Town the Weir Spit port hand post, north of the Pennar Gut, should be left to port. Take a North-easterly heading to Pembroke Reach and follow the channel, marked with port and starboard posts. Leave Neyland Spit port hand buoy to port and head for the Cleddau Bridge, until Westfield Pill, to the North is well to port. Approach the marina from SE giving the W bank a wide berth. The final approach is marked by channel buoys.
  • At night after rounding Neyland Spit port hand buoy Fl(2)R10s, head between the 2FR (vert) and 2FG (vert) on the Cleddau Bridge until the main marina building is to the NW. The entrance buoys are lit. Beware of tidal set across the entrance. The marina listens on Ch 37 and 80.

Milford Haven Waterway

Neyland Yacht Haven is centrally situated in approximately 23 miles of sheltered tidal waterways; home to an abundance of breeding habitats for a variety of birds and other wildlife.

The local authority provides seasonal pontoons where small boats can moor to explore villages offering waterside restaurants and family pubs.

Certain areas are set aside for specific activities, such as water-skiing. Planing is not allowed above Lawrenny Reach or in any of the embayments and tributaries. An estuary chart illustrating the various facilities and points of interest can be found on the opposite page.

For further details see the free leaflet - Milford Haven Waterway - A Guide for Users (available from the marina office).