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What's happening at Lymington this season?

Dredging & The Marshes - Rejuvenation Schemes for Lymington


01 March 2012

Many of you may have already read about schemes to deposit silt dredged from the marinas and mooring areas in the Lymington River back onto the adjacent marshes.

As part of the consent conditions relating to the building of the breakwater Lymington Harbour Commissioners needed to undertake a habitat replenishment scheme in an area that will be protected by the breakwater.

Yacht Havens has been pleased to be involved in this scheme which has involved dredging O pontoon with a suction dredger brought in from our Neyland marina. The silt has been pumped directly under the outer wall on O pontoon and then by pipe approximately 100 metres across the marshes to a bunded area, where it has been retained in a series of bunds for the water to drain away and the mud to settle. The works have been funded through the Crown Estates marine research programme.

A larger scheme has been organised by Wight Link using Land and Water as their contractor. Their barges are being loaded with silt from the marina and, rather than using the normal dump area at Hurst Narrows, they are instead pumping the mud out of the barges at Pylewell and piping it approximately 1500m across the marshes to a bunded area. This silt will be extracted from the marina in the main fairway and E pontoon areas so if you do see plant working here, please give it a wide berth!