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What's happening at Lymington this season?

Lymington Harbour Protection Project Going Ahead!

07 May 2010

LymHarbourAerialWorks on Phase 1 of the Lymington Harbour Protection Project to construct a single 100m long breakwater on the western side of the channel at 'Cocked Hat' commenced on the 1st May 2010.

As many of you will know, Lymington is losing its harbour because of the erosion of the salt marsh that has historically provided the protection to shelter the harbour.

This phenomenon is not local to the marshes adjacent to the Lymington river, but has been occurring along the whole North Solent coastline since the 1920s. Erosion is predominantly caused by the effects of sea level rise and natural wave action. The greatest rates of erosion are occurring on the exposed edges of salt marsh facing the Solent.

Unless urgent action is taken soon, much of the harbour will become untenable for moorings and recreational use as it is enjoyed today. Many local businesses and tourism that depend on the harbour will also suffer. A study on behalf of the Lymington Chamber of Commerce in 2006 estimated that the harbour contributes £93 million per annum to the local economy and supports nearly 1,000 local jobs.

For the latest update on the Harbour Protection Project read more on the Lymington Harbour Commissioners website