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What's happening at Lymington this season?

New environmentally-friendly blasting process

Shotblasting 2 Blasting photo

Two Solent based companies have joined forces to create a new, environmentally-friendly blasting process.

Lymington Yacht Haven has constructed a purpose-built blasting bay that ensures the waste run-off from the process is contained, captured and properly disposed of and any airborne material is safely contained. Furthermore, Jeremy Rogers Ltd, based at the Lymington marina, has invested in a new Eco blast system which removes antifoul more economically than traditional shotblasting methods. The new dustless blasting system uses modern blasting technology that is safer than using compressed air and allows for the waste material to be collected.

Marina Director Rupert Wagstaff commented on how the need to improve traditional blasting processes saying “Marinas and boatyards all have the same problem of blasting taking place in the middle of a busy area. By building a purpose-built bay, boats can be blasted away from neighbouring boats while we ensure we capture even more copper residue run-off and dispose of it safely.”

Kit Rogers of Jeremy Rogers Ltd commented, “As an industry we all need to make efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. By working with Lymington Yacht Haven, we’ve been able to combine our new technology with a dedicated blasting area to make the process more eco-friendly”.

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For further information and to book, call Jeremy Rogers Ltd on 01590 646780, visit www.jeremyrogers.co.uk or complete the enquiry form below.

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