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Why should I get my boat blasted?

Shotblasting 2 Blasting photo

09 February 2016

Lymington Yacht Haven and Jeremy Rogers Ltd have joined forces to provide a unique, modern and environmentally-friendly blasting service to boat owners. The new service, launched in February 2016, combines the UK's first purpose-built blasting bay with a modern eco-blast system.

Our FAQs below are designed to help you understand the blasting process and what makes our techniques more environmentally-friendly than traditional shotblasting techniques.

Why get your boat blasted?

Over a number of years antifoul builds up so that the underwater hull surface is no longer smooth which is not efficient and it also is not good for antifoul adhesion. Ideally this build-up of antifoul should be removed back to the hull every five years or so. Not only is this a very time consuming job but it is also potentially messy and unless care is taken will introduce toxic paint into the environment. 

How does the Torbo blast differ from regular shot blasting?

Removal of antifoul build up using our torbo blast system uses a combination of sand and water which has the benefit of the abrasion of sand but with no dust produced. Our system will completely remove all of the old coatings, leaving the original gel coat with a fine etched finish that is clean and prepared, ready for new coatings. The process also exposes any weaknesses in the gel coat such as blistering or voids allowing them to be filled prior to re-application of the surface coatings. By blasting in a purpose built site all waste material is contained and disposed of as hazardous waste by a professional waste management company.  

Will it damage the underlying gel coat?

One advantage of the torbo blast system is that it is highly controllable meaning almost any desired finish can be acheived. It is always dependant on the underlying substrate and so if there are weaknesses or voids in the gel coat then this will be exposed. The torbo blast system will give an etched finish due to the impact of the blast medium (ie water and sand).

Can the torbo blast system be used for removing gel coat?

Whilst it is possible to remove gel coat with the torbo blast it is recommended to have gel coat removed by an experienced professional with a gel peeling equipment to ensure the depth removed is consistent. If this is part of an osmosis job then the fibre glass substrate layer is usually opened up and any voids revealed using the torbo blast.

How long does it take?

The boat is usually in the blasting bay over a three day slot, although the blasting itself is usually done in one day. 

Can you remove back to an epoxy layer without going back to the gel coat?

It is usually possible to take the antifoul back to a layer of epoxy coating and is recommended.

What coatings should be reinstated after the anti-foul has been removed?

This depends on the condition of the hull and what type of anti-foul or foul release system is desired. Typically any voids would be filled at first before you are presented with a number of options. Sometimes a boat requires peeling and relaminating before epoxy coating if osmosis is present. After this the antifoul coatings can be applied, these range from the standard copper based antifoul, to coppercoat and the foul release style silicon based coatings. 

Will my keel get blasted too?

Yes, we would normally blast this as part of the job. NB. If your keel is iron and not encapsulated then it is important that the exposed metal is sealed rapidly with a good quality epoxy coating to ensure it does not rust. 

How much will it cost?

Costs are broken down per foot;  a simple blast is £16 per foot up to 40 ft and £18 per foot up to 60 foot. Keep an eye out for seasonal offers and discounts!

If you have any further questions or you'd like a quote for blasting your boat, please contact Jeremy Rogers Ltd on 01590 646780, visit www.jeremyrogers.co.uk or complete the enquiry form below.

To mark the launch of new blasting service, Jeremy Rogers Ltd and Lymington Yacht Haven are offering a 10% discount on blasting and a free launch following the work in February and March 2016.

For further information and to book, call Jeremy Rogers Ltd on 01590 646780, visit www.jeremyrogers.co.uk or complete the enquiry form below.

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