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Meet The Team - Sam Brian, Assistant Manager

Sam4 Lr

Welcome to our Meet the Team series...

Name: Sam Brian

Job: Assistant Manager

How long have your worked at Yacht Havens? 18 months

What does your job involve? Towing boats, serving fuel, dealing with berthing enquiries and visitors, assisting berth holders with movement of boats, assisting yard and making tea!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

  1. Handover from the Night Haven Master and prepare for the morning meeting/briefing
  2. Towing and boat movements if coming ashore or being launched
  3. Performing checks on our workboat - the dory
  4. Sorting mail and parcels
  5. Arrange available berths for visitors and welcome them in
  6. Follow up berthing enquiries and give marina tours to potential new berth holders
  7. Serve fuel
  8. Do rounds and book in visitors
  9. Smile and talk to berth holders
  10. Handover to the Night Haven Master

How did you end up doing the job you’re doing now? After teaching in Vietnam for 2 years I wanted to come home and do something different. I decided I like the look of sailing and went on a couple of courses in order get into it. I enjoyed it so much I applied for a temporary job at another Plymouth Marina. I enjoyed the job so much I applied for Plymouth Yacht Haven after hearing about an opening and haven’t looked back.

If someone had one day to spend in Plymouth or Mount Batten, what would you recommend that they do?  An afternoon day sail in Plymouth Sound from Plymouth Yacht Haven, lunch at The Bridge at Mount Batten and a few drinks at The Clovelly Bay in Turnchapel, an evening BBQ and paddleboard from Mount Batten Beach.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Yacht Havens? The people! I enjoy the mixture of personalities, experiences and types of people that not only berth here but work here. 

Do you have a top tip that you’d like to share with our customers? “One rope, one job” avoid using one line for both springs. 

Favourite boat (make/model or actual boat) and why? Eagle 44, by far the prettiest boat we have in the marina in my opinion. Lovely lines!

What’s your favourite snack while you’re at work? Someone else’s biscuits - they always taste better.

What’s your favourite moment from your Yacht Havens career? The Transat Race in 2016 - it was incredible seeing those big, 100ft+ Trimarans berthed on our pontoons!


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