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What's happening at Plymouth this season?

Meet The Team - Tamsin Jones

Tam8 Lr

Welcome to our Meet the Team series...

Name: Tamsin Jones

Job: Apparently my job title is "Marina Admin"!

How long have your worked at Yacht Havens? 20 years

What does your job involve? Credit control, Tenant liaison, Customer facing, Various administration and accounting processes

How did you end up doing the job you’re doing now?  I started in 1996 as a student and I haven't been able to leave since!

If someone had one day to spend in Plymouth or Mount Batten, what would you recommend that they do?  Go to the National Marine Aquarium

Do you have a top tip that you’d like to share with our customers? Make the most of your boat, use it whenever you can!

Favourite boat (make/model or actual boat) and why? Hallberg Rassy - because they are beautiful boats with plenty of deck space for sunbathing!

What’s the best boat name you’ve ever seen or heard of?  “πsing in the wind”

What’s your favourite snack while you’re at work? Crisps and Chocolate, not at the same time

What’s your favourite moment from your Yacht Havens career? I have so many 'favourite' memories after 20 years, but I will confess to a story from my first few weeks on the job, back in 1996...

A marina colleague asked for the tide times me over the VHF (back in those days we just had a piece of paper printed from the one dial-up internet connection we had to share with the phone line, and I was just started as a summer intern). Well… I didn’t know how to read the tide tables and rather than looking foolish to everyone on VHF Ch 80, I pretended I couldn’t find them and threw them in the bin! It’s taken 20 years for me to confess! 

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