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What's happening at Plymouth this season?

Plymouth Boat Club expands with a second boat

31 January 2019

Year round use of two contrasting motorboats, no worries about maintaining the boats and not paying for mooring fees. Sound too good to be true?

Welcome to the Plymouth Boat Club!

The Plymouth Boat Club gives without a boat the chance to get on the water in a hassle-free way. Perfect for people new to boating, unsure if they want to buy a boat or wanting a boat without the major expense, the Plymouth Boat Club offers a flexible alternative.

After launching in early 2018 with a brand new Merry Fisher Barracuda, members can now have access to a high quality RIB which is joining the Boat Club fleet in 2019. The 6.5m XS 650 RIB is fast, fun and a great way to get around the stunning harbours, coves and beaches around Devon and Cornwall.

The Plymouth Boat Club is OPEN to new members, giving users the chance to get on the water for less than £100 per day!

Visit www.PlymouthBoatClub.com for more information.


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