Dry Stack Marinas are the new, hassle-free method to boat storage.

In this question and answer page we'll attempt to uncover some of the myths and answer the commonly asked questions around Dry Stack Marinas.

Question - Why should I choose a Dry Stack marina over a traditional marina or storage ashore?

Answer - A Dry Stack marina is a unique offering whereby you can enjoy your boating hassle-free. If you chose a Dry Stack marina, you benefit from:

  • Jet wash after every retrieval
  • Reduced wear and tear, and overall maintenance costs; no need to antifoul or replace anodes
  • Better resale value
  • Cleaner, faster and more economical hulls
  • No slipway dramas or trailer corrosion
  • Secure, locked yard between 11pm and 7am with CCTV and low level lighting.

Q - How does this Dry Stack marina work?

A - Your boat is stored on our customer racking system. Simply call ahead, giving at least 2  hours notice and we will launch your vessel for you and have her ready and waiting for your arrival. This whole process takes minutes. On return, you can tie up alongside and leave the rest to us. We'll pressure wash your boat and put her back in the rack.

Q - What size boats do you cater for?

A - We currently handle Motor Cruisers, Sports boats, RIBS and Fast Fishers up to 10m LOA and 5 tonnes in weight.

Q - What happens if I return to my berth after working hours?

A - That's fine; simply leave your boat on one of our waiting pontoons and we'll lift it out in the morning, give her a pressure wash and pop her back in the dry stack.... Simple!

Q - Do I have to be present when you launch or recover my boat?

A - No; you can call ahead and we'll have your boat in the water for your arrival. On return, you can tie up alongside and leave the rest to us. If you'd like to be present when we move your boat, you are more than welcome; just let a member of our team know. 

Q - Can I work on my boat in the rack?

A – Yes, if you are on ground level or we can place your boat on a "tinkering rack" while you want access to it before returning it to the rack afterwards. Simply call ahead as per normal and we'll get your boat setup for you.

Q – What if I want to use my boat NOW?

A – We ask for 2 hours notice on launches as we do not want to disappoint our customers if we are busy. If we can, fairly, launch your boat, we will.

Q - Any other questions?

A - Give us a call and our team will be happy to answer. Call 01590 677072 or email havenquay@yachthavens.com

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