Your safety is our No.1 priority and we work hard to ensure you can enjoy everything on offer without putting you or your loved ones at risk.

For your safety and enjoyment of our marinas please be sure to follow the general guidelines below. Comprehensive marina rules for each location can be read here, on notice boards in our Marina Receptions and on the reverse of your berthing contract.

  • Please familiarise yourself with the location of lifesaving and fire fighting equipment on the pontoons and ashore, you'll find safety ladders, fire fighting and life saving equipment at regular intervals on each main walkway
  • Please take particular care on the pontoons when wet or icy as they can be slippery, please avoid running on the pontoons and always ensure appropriate footwear is worn. Special care needs to be taken at night
  • Report all accidents and potential accidents to the marina reception immediately. Please also report any defective or damaged marina equipment immediately
  • Please ensure all children and non swimmers wear a life jacket at all times
  • Please do not allow children to 'ride' in the trolleys
  • Swimming, fishing and scuba diving are not permitted in any Yacht Havens marina
  • Do not speed in marinas, please mind your wash and keep below three knots
  • Do not remove supports from vessels in the yard, or run engines of vessels stored ashore. All furling sails must be removed prior to boats being lifted
  • Always isolate gas and fuel when leaving your boat
  • Please do not allow dogs to foul on Yacht Havens property; there are bins on-site for you to clear up after them.
  • If you are using a dehumidifier on your boat when at any Yacht Haven, you should only use a desiccant dehumidifier that has been designed to run unattended 24/7 and at low temperatures. Read full guidance.
NYH Young Boy With Life Ring

For Your Safety

We aim to provide a relaxed and safe environment for you to enjoy your boating in and ask that all marina rules and regulations are followed.

All boats using a Yacht Havens facility, ashore or afloat, must have a minimum of £5m third party liability insurance.

Boy and his dog_wildlife watching

Help us protect our marine environments

We take our environmental impact seriously and continue to invest in safeguarding the seas, marine wildlife and habitats in and around our marinas.

Applauded in our Gold Anchor Assessment, who reported “Largs Yacht Haven breathes respect for nature … green in both the literal and figurative sense.”

From saltmarsh regeneration to improving our day-to-day footprint, we’re constantly working at both group and local levels to preserve and protect our marinas for generations to come.

Implementing many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, emissions, manage waste better, investing in new tech to promote sustainable choices.  Leading by example, in conjunction with British Marine, the RYA and The Green Blue to encourage clean, green practices across the group.

After all, we want your children to go on to enjoy our marinas, just like ours.

Find out what we’re doing to protect our seas, preserve our habitats, reduce our environmental impact and how you can get involved.

It was clear that the team had been keeping an eye on my boat over the winter. The marina staff had kindly secured her more firmly and it is comforting to know that there is someone who cares on duty at all times.

– Mr Lithgow, Berth Holder