Winter is the most common time for boat owners to put on jumpsuits, pick up sanding tools and apply antifoul to their boats. But what exactly is antifoul? And what is the importance of it? And how many coats should you apply? Keep reading to get the answers!

What is Antifoul?

Antifouling is the process of protecting your hull from marine growth by applying a protective paint layer to the bottom of your boat.

Why Should I Antifoul?

If your boat lives afloat then the seawater and marine particles can build-up on the underside of your hull. This growth of marine algae can significantly affect the performance of your hull and your fuel efficiency. Heavy levels of growth on the hull can slow powerboats by 5knots and could increase fuel consumption by over 30%.

How often should I Antifoul?

The frequency of antifouling depends on the usage and storage of your boat. Boats that live afloat or that are used regularly should be checked every year to assess whether it needs reapplying. Boats that live ashore and have been washed down may only need antifouling every other year. The team at Haven Quay can assess your hull and give you their professional opinion once your boat is ashore.

What is special about Antifoul pain?

Antifouling paint isn't your normal home wall paint! Modern antifoul paint is a special chemical combination which includes copper and biocides to obstruct the growth of marine organisms. 

There are also different types of antifoul based on your hull material, type of hull (planing, non-planing) and the type of water you sail on. If you're in any doubt about which paint you require, ASK US!

Do I need 1 coat? 2 coats? From scratch?

The amount of antifoul paint that needs to be applied will depend on the condition of the hull. If your boat is antifouled every year, then it is likely it will only need 1 coat. However, it is has been a few years since the hull's last antifoul, then it may need 2 coats.

So how do I actually do it?

Antifouling is a dirty and messy job and, as a result, boat owners often prefer marine professionals to do this dirty work!

But here's the good news - WE CAN DO IT FOR YOU! Antifouling can be a messy and tiring job so we can take all the hassle away for you by doing the job for you. Our Antifouling offer includes free storage ashore for 7 days and the amount of antifouling you require. You also don't have to worry about the cradle patches; our team will ensure these are rectified prior to launching.

If you do want to antifoul your boat yourself, then you are welcome to come ashore at Haven Quay and use our boatyard. You'll need good quality PPE (personal protective equipment) including gloves, goggles, breathing mask and overalls. You'll then need to strip the underside of your hull removing any worn paint, apply masking tape along the water-line to create a crisp edge, before washing dusting off the hull and painting. But if all of this sounds too tricky, then let us do it for you!

The Haven Quay team are experts in antifouling so feel free get in touch with questions or if you want some useful tips or advice. Call 01590 677072 or email

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