What a treat!

A few very lucky berth holders from Lymington Yacht Haven were treated to a unique sight while enjoying an end-of-season anchorage in Alum Bay on the Isle of Wight.

Berth Holders Philip and Yvonne were anchored on their Prestige 36 while other boaters enjoyed a swim and SUP in the scenic bay, when they were joined by some very friendly and inquisitive dolphins.

Much to the delight of everyone afloat, the dolphins circled the bay a few times and, seemingly, were very comfortable to be in relatively close quarters with swimmers and SUPs.

Dolphins Alum Bay

What should you do if you encounter a dolphin?

The Green Blue is a joint environmental programme between the RYA and British Marine to promote sustainable boating.

They offer advice to boaters to become more sustainable, and to help protect and safeguard the waters we love. Here's are some simple tips to follow if you encounter a dolphin or any other marine mammal:

  • Keep quiet, lower your voices, turn off any music and lower your throttle
  • Slow down to reduce your fuel consumption and noise levels
  • Reduce your wash
  • Keep your distance and avoid approaching the animals. 
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