Plymouth Yacht Haven is delighted to announce the purchase of a new Merlo mobile crane which will allow for a wider range of boatyard services for boat owners and local marine businesses.

The new Merlo 50.35 represents a significant investment in the Yacht Haven's boatyard operation, as well as being able to cater for larger vessels with longer master, heavier engine lifts and allowing staff to work safely at greater heights.

"Demand for heavier lifting has increased with masts becoming taller and engines getting heavier. This new crane will meet the demands of boat owners wanting to use our boatyard facilities as well as local marine businesses requiring these services to complete boatbuilding, maintenance and refurbishment projects", comments Marina Manager Steve Cox.

With smoother controls allowing for more delicate operations, the Merlo 50.35 also comes with an active load chart allowing operators to constantly manage load weights throughout the lift. There's a wide range of new safety features such as LED lighting for making night time emergency lifts much safer, and a cab tilt to allow the operator to see the tip of the fly job more easily. The cab even has air conditioning for that extra bit of comfort!

6New Merlo 5

Key Features

  • Fly job with winch with lift height of 34m.
  • Maximum load capacity of 4950kg.
  • Extendable slew basket allowing for staff to work safely at height.
  • Crab steering for better manoeuvrability.
  • Cab tilt allowing the pilot better visibility to the top of the jib.
  • Active load chart.
  • Smoother controls for delicate operations.

Pictured: Yard Foreman Ian with Craig Boxhall, Sales Manager from South West Handling.

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