Here's a story to warm your hearts this December...

During a cold and wet winter’s day, we took a call from Twycross Zoo, a conservation charity and zoological park in Warwickshire. They were looking for some new toys for their animals and wondered if we had anything suitable.

It just so happened that we were conducting a clear out of our workshop and, coincidentally, we were wondering what we would do with a pile of old, unusable boat fenders.

After boxing a few up we sent them to the zoo, thinking this would be the end of our dealings with them.

A little while later we received a message from one of the zookeepers with an enormous "Thank You" in bold letters. It transpires they had been trying to get hold of marine fenders for a while but without any success. Included in their message of thanks were some pictures showing some very happy monkeys and goats enjoying their new toys!

With so much talk in the news about reducing waste and recycling, it just goes to show how something of no value to us whatsoever, is now keeping a range of zoo animals highly entertained!

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