The Richard Mille Fife Regatta 2022 is about many things – firstly a celebration of the dynasty which designed and built these beautiful craft on the shore at Fairlie adjacent to Largs Yacht Haven. Secondly it showcases the magnificent yachts that survive to this day, some of which are over 100 years old. And thirdly, it reunites these classic yachts and their owners in the waters where they were born against the backdrop of the stunning Firth of Clyde.

The Richard Mille Fife Regatta 2022 was a celebration of all these things and more. Nine years since the last Fife Regatta and the last get-together for the Fife Yacht family,  this was a reunion to remember.

Bringing these yachts together from across Europe was a major feat by the owners and crews, and for some the reunions had begun long before they arrived in the Firth of Clyde with many boats cruising-in-company on their passages to Scotland.

The legendary Scottish hospitality awaited the fleet, their owners and their crew and, in true Scottish fashion, racing on day 1 was postponed due to poor weather!

From then on, racing continued undisturbed with the fleet battling a series of races in the Largs Channel, to Rothesay, the Kyles of Bute and Loch Fyne, before returning to Largs.

May Fife Presentation

Regatta Results

The Regatta results often take the backseat in the overall context and history of the event. Nonetheless, winners were presented with their silverware with special guest May Fife, the last descendent of the Fife family, in attendance (pictured).

  • Overall Class 1: Mariella (Spain) 1938, 96ft Bermudan Yawl
  • Overall Class 2: Falcon (Netherlands) 1930, 48ft International 8m Class
  • Overall Class 3: Lotus (UK) 1934, 34ft, Bermudan Sloop

History of the Fife Yachts

At the beginning of the 19th century William Fyfe began building yachts, originally specialising in fishing boats and trading crafts.

William's son, also called William, pushed the business into yachts starting with SY Stella in 1849. The first and second William Fifes had natural genius, were craftsmen in their own right and knew how to get the best out of a boat when sailing. The third William Fife, who combined his formal training along with a spark of genius passed down through the generations, came to an already well-established business in 1885 with a worldwide reputation.

The third William Fife is probably the most famous of them all and is remembered for his designs for Sir Thomas Lipton’s America’s Cup challengers Shamrock I and Shamrock III and the 23m Shamrock, his designs for the metre classes especially the 6m, various one-design classes, many beautiful cruising yachts and ocean racers.

With thanks

The Regatta owes a great deal of thanks to many people in the community who dedicate their time and effort to making this unique event possible, as well as the boatyard team at Largs Yacht Haven for support with the rigging and transportation of vessels pre and post event. 

The spectacle of such graceful and powerful classics will long be remembered.

List of Entrants

Yacht Name Length Beam Draft Built Type of Yacht Hull Colour
AYRSHIRE LASS 38′ 7′ 3’4″ 1887 Gaff Cutter Black
CORALIE 24’4″ 6’6″ 3’3″ 1928 Sloop Dark Blue
FALCON 48′ 8’5″ 6’4″ 1930 International 8m Class White
FIONA 35′ 6’7″ 4’1″ 2005 Gaff Cutter Seabird White
INTOMBI 24’6″ 6′ 3’5″ 1934 Sloop White
KENTRA 105′ 17.4′ 10’6″ 1923 Gaff Ketch White
KISMET 47’11” 10’1″ 7’3″ 1898 Gaff Cutter White
LOTUS 24’6″ 6’4″ 3’5″ 1934 Berm Sloop Pale Blue
MACARIA 34′ 8’9″ 5’5″ 1922 Gaff Yawl Black
MARIELLA 79.5′ 16.44′ 11′ 1938 Berm Yawl White
MARIQUITA 96′ 17′ 11’8″ 1911 19m White
MIKADO 41’2″ 8’5″ 6’3″ 1904 Clyde Linear White
MOONBEAM III 105′ 15’4″ 10’8″ 1903 Gaff Cutter White
MOONBEAM IV 105′ 16′ 12′ 1914 Gaff Sloop White
OBLIO 35.7′ 6.1′ 4’1″ 2007 Gaff Cutter White
RED 19′ 6’1″ 2’8″ 1886/2021 19′ Clyde Class White
SIBYL of CUMAE 51.5′ 9.5′ 6.6′ 1902 Linear Rater Ivory
SONATA 52′ 10’3″ 7’6″ 1950 Sloop White
ST. PATRICK 24’5″ 5’9″ 2’5″ 1919 BRA 16 White
THE LADY ANNE 82′ 13’6″ 9’2″ 1912 15m Gaff Cutter White
THE TRUANT 41’6″ 7’7″ 5’8″ 1910 8m Gaff Cutter White
UANDI 24′ 6’2″ 4’3″ 1897 Belfast Lough Class 2 Off White
VIOLA 50’10” 9’6″ 6’3″ 1908 Gaff Cutter White
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