From 1st September, we will be switching from E05 to E10 fuel at all of our petrol pumps. 

What is E5 and E10?
This all relates to the percentage of renewable ethanol within petrol. Ethanol is a type of alcohol derived from plants and it contains less carbon than other fuels. The original E5 fuel contained 5% renewable ethanol, compared to 10% which is what we're moving to. 

Why is E10 now being used?
E10 is designed to reduce the amount of CO2 released by petrol engines. It aims to cut emissions by 750,000 tonnes per year, helping to slow the increase of global warming while longer term solutions are developed and rolled out. This change brings the UK in line with many other countries which have already switched to E10, including Belgium, France and Germany.

Will my petrol engine be ok?
Outboard engines made after 1996 will be absolutely fine to run as normal. Here are two statements from two of the outboard engine manufacturers:

  • Honda Marine UK: "E10 petrol can be used in all Honda Marine engine models from 1996 YM (year model)."
  • Suzuki marine UK: "Gasoline containing a maximum of 10% ethanol may be used in your outboard without jeopardizing the New outboard limited warranty".

If your outboard is older than 1996, then you may experience cold start issues. You might look to switch to super unleaded, or even think it is time to upgrade to a more efficient outboard. Why not speak to one of our on-site engineering tenants based in Lymington, Plymouth, Largs, Troon, Neyland or Fambridge.

How long does petrol last for?
Good question. This is the most important question when it comes to the new E10.

The life expectancy of E10 petrol within your boat fuel tank is roughly 2 months. You therefore need to be using your petrol regularly, or keep it in a specialised container at less than 20C.

To improve the length of your petrol, it is now advised to use a fuel stabiliser/additive every 3 months to ensure your fuel is ready for use. A fuel treatment, such as Quicksilver Fuel Tank stabiliser, could be appropriate.

Does E5 and E10 mix?
You don't need to drain your fuel tank when you switch from E05 to E10. Simply begin using E10 when you're ready.

Can I continue to use E5?
On the advice of our suppliers and partners (as well as the government who intend to make E10 the new standard petrol grade), petrol pumps at all our Yacht Havens locations will be switching to E10 petrol from 1st September. If you have any concerns, boat owners are being advised to check their vessel’s manual or ask the manufacturer or dealer before filling up with E10.  Should you wish to continue using E5, it will still be available at many roadside petrol stations. Please ask a member of the team at your Yacht Haven for assistance before refuelling.

Where can I fuel up?
We offer petrol at Lymington Yacht Haven, Yacht Haven Quay Plymouth, Neyland Yacht Haven (Dale Sailing) and Largs Yacht Haven.

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