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Supporting young people

More than 400 young people have been supported in rebuilding their confidence after cancer by the Trust from their Largs base since it opened in late-2014. Many of these young people have returned to the charity in that time to sail again, building a relationship with the Trust across a number of years and creating lifelong bonds with the people they meet.

Largs EMCT Bow Children

Why is the Trust so important?

Research undertaken from the Trust reveals positive benefits to the welfare of children.

Thanks to the Trust, my child...

  • ...became more confident - 92%
  • ...was more positive - 94%
  • ...felt more optimistic for the future - 92%

83% experience loneliness during cancer
91% of parents say their child was happier
Over 92% of young people say they are more confident
Over 95% of parents say their child gained more Independence.

"We are really pleased to be working in Scotland. It is one of the most beautiful places in the world to sail. We have been overwhelmed by the welcome and support we received at Largs. We could not have asked for any more!"

- Frank Fletcher, Chief Executive at Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust