The sunny weather this weekend led to a busy time for the volunteer crew at Largs RNLI as they responded to three shouts.

Article written by Clair McRae, Lifeboat Press Officer for the Largs Lifeboat Station, and published on the RNLI website. View the original article here.

The first call out

The first of these call outs was on Friday 17 May shortly before 7pm when a request was received from HM Coastguard to assist a yacht in difficulty located off Toward Point.

The volunteer crew launched and made best speed to the given location.

On arrival the crew assessed the situation and made the decision was made to tow the casualty yacht to the nearest safe haven at Port Bannatyne where they were handed over into the care of the local Coastguard Rescue Team.

The crew then returned to the station where the lifeboat was cleaned, refuelled and made ready for service.

Busy Weekend For Largs Rnli

The second call out

The following evening, Saturday 18 May, Largs lifeboat was again requested to launch.

Pagers sounded shortly before 5pm as Largs lifeboat was tasked by HM Coastguard to assist a yacht aground in Millport Bay. As the volunteers were launching the lifeboat the casualty vessel reported they had been able to re-float. 

On arrival to the scene, the casualty vessel proceeded to Inverkip Marina unaided.

Largs lifeboat monitored their progress to ensure all was well with the vessel after the grounding and, after their journey was established, HM Coastguard instructed Largs lifeboat to stand down. Largs lifeboat then returned to the lifeboat station where the volunteers refuelled and cleaned the lifeboat ensuring it was ready for the next service.

Photo by RNLI/Largs RNLI

Largs RNLI Lifeboat

The third call out

The final shout of the weekend then occurred on Sunday, 19 May, when Largs lifeboat was tasked by HM Coastguard to respond to reports of a broken down vessel to the south of Great Cumbrae.

Largs lifeboat was launched shortly after midday and proceeded to the given location to assess the situation.

On arrival the volunteer crew were able to quickly make the decision to tow the casualty vessel to the nearest safe haven, Largs Yacht Haven, as the vessel was drifting into the shipping channel.

A tow was completed safely and after handing over to the local Coastguard Rescue Team, at Largs Yacht Haven, Largs lifeboat was able to return to station and again be made ready for the next service.

"It was a busy weekend for our volunteer crew, with excellent teamwork on display by volunteers both on the lifeboat and on the shore."

"With the warmer months approaching more people are taking to their boats for recreation. We would urge people to complete full safety checks on their equipment before taking to sea.

"We would also like to remind everyone enjoying our coastline to do so safely, ensuring they wear appropriate clothing and lifejackets and carry a means of communication to get help if required.

"If you get into difficulty at sea or along the coast, or spot someone else in trouble always dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard."

- John Griffiths, Lifeboat Operations Manager at Largs RNLI

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