Cat And Runner

The Race

Congratulations to all the competitors and volunteers involved with the organisation of the 2024 Scottish Islands Peaks Race (SIPR).

The Annual Scottish Islands Peaks Race took place this year in mid-May, with a forecast of light winds and sunshine the 2024 edition of this epic race was shaping up to be an interesting one! The event which mixes fell running and sailing (and rowing when the wind disappeared!) in an extraordinary adventure covering 160 miles on the water, plus over 60 miles on foot.

Lizie And Cat

Team Dipper

We caught up with the team from ‘Dipper’, an all-female team comprising of skipper - Heloise Le Clanche Crew - Kirsteen Woods and Suzy Connor, runners Cat Riaz and Lizzie Goodfellow.

The team started to form when Suzy was put in contact with Heloise through a mutual friend at Largs Yacht Haven, Heloise then brought on Largs' Haven Master Kirsteen whilst Suzy reached out to Cat & Lizzie as designated runners. 

"The SIPR is by far the most challenging thing I have ever done"

"It tested me both physically and mentally, but we all worked so well together as a team that it could only be a success in the end.” 

Heloise, Skipper

Suzy Rowing (1)

Suzy's reflections

“Given that we started off most of us strangers to each other, none of us had done the race before, I could not have asked for a better team. We all got along so well, and laughed (and cried) together with ease and I honestly have made friends for life.”  

Kirsteen's Permanent Positon At The Helm

A final word from Kirsteen

“It’s a very tough endurance race, not for the faint-hearted with a number of boats dropping out. All-female crews are rare although there have been all-female teams in the past, with the organizers stating that they just hadn't had an all-female team “for a long time”.

The team also reinstated their gratitude for everyone who helped behind the scenes.   

“Dave, Kylie, Kev, Robert, Campbell, Carolyn from Largs Yacht Haven. Iain Abernethy from Ocean Safety, Dino and Ben from DDZ Marine, Jane from Largs Chandlers, The team at Fairlie Riggers, Saturn sails, Bernard from The Catch at Fins.

Muir Anderson, Hugh Maclean, Jimmy Fisher and Walter on yacht 'Dipper', Steven Carmichael on yacht 'Tenacious', Linda and Tom Kennedy on yacht 'Shearwater', Robert and Sally Blowing on yacht 'Disk Drive’, Andy Gibb and Nic Le Clanche”.

Watch Highlights

Video by race winners, Tangaroa. Video by Robin Wilkins

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