Jachthaven Biesbosch is delighted to support the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team on their mission!

The TU Delft Hydro Motion Team comprises 23 students hailing from nine diverse study courses at TU Delft (The Delft University of Technology).

With a shared goal, this student team dedicates itself to designing, constructing, and racing a remarkable hydrogen-powered boat within a single year. Their mission extends beyond the boundaries of conventional sustainability, aiming to highlight the maritime industry's potential in tackling present and future climate challenges. Each year, students leverage the expertise of industry professionals and draw on the experience of alumni, to explore innovative and sustainable developments. This year, by incorporating cutting-edge technologies, they strive to bridge the gap between future technology and the current standard.

In the year 2023, the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team is aiming to secure the world championship title in Monaco — an ambitious objective that further highlights their commitment to succeed.

Hydro Motion L1480062

Testing on the water

Testing is now underway for the hydrogen boat as the team prepares for the Monaco Energy Boat Challenge. The boat undergoes rigorous testing at the designated marina in Drimmelen, Jachthaven Biesbosch, where a berth has been generously provided by the marina. These tests will continue until 30th June. Subsequently, the team will participate in the Open Sea Class event scheduled from 5 – 8th July. During this competition, the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team seeks to achieve world champion status by excelling in three categories: endurance, speed, and manoeuvrability.

Curious to find out more? Read the latest updates on their website or drop by the marina to see the team in action!

“Thank you to Jachthaven Biesbosch for our berth in the marina.”

“Last week we went to our test location for the first time! We test in the harbour in Drimmelen. The harbour gives the perfect opportunity to get the boat in the water for testing and get the boat out of the water to make the necessary improvements."

Isabelle de Bruijn
Teammanager 2022-2023

Sailing on hydrogen for the first time!

Watch the video

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About the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team


We are the TU Delft Hydro Motion Team, a team of 23 driven students. It is in our nature to challenge the future. We are driven visionaries: aspiring to improve the world, stepping up when faced by a challenge. Our vision is to inspire everyone, from individuals to big industry leaders, to accelerate the adaptation to sustainable technologies. Our mission is to demonstrate the viability of a more sustainable and green maritime industry, while encouraging development of future engineers. 


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