04 Jun 2022

Be a part of the Jubilee celebrations on Front Street in Pembroke Dock.

On Saturday 4th June Front Street in Pembroke Dock will be closed for a street party. The will be food, drink and live entertainment available.

The West Wales Maritime Heritage Society is organising a “Parade of Sail” as a part of these celebrations.

This event is only for sailing boats as a requirement of participation is that the boat is “dressed overall” from bow to masthead to stern. The purpose is to inject an air of festivity onto the waterfront of Front Street.

There is a £10.00 registration fee for taking part. This is to cover organisation and administration and the provision of a service to take your lines when you arrive and let them go when you depart, so that you and your crew do not have to jump waist deep into the water. You can then come ashore when the tide has receded and avoid wet feet.

To book your boat, visit wwmhs.org.uk

Book here

  • Morning High Tide – 09:52
  • Afternoon Low Tide – 16:00
  • Evening High Tide – 22:06
  • Dry on the mooring at approximately 13:00
  • Float on the mooring at approximately 19:00 (depending upon draught)
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