07 Aug 2021

Join us on our annual River Rally!

Organised by Pembroke Town Council, the River Rally is a popular, annual event. It is a rare opportunity to see the barrage gate lowered to allow boats to enter the Castle Pond and, in so doing, maintain the right of navigation up the Pembroke River on behalf of the people of Pembroke.

In previous years, over 50 boats have joined so why not take part this year!

  • Assemble at Crow Pool by 1545 and await the arrival of flagship with the Mayor
  • Prepare to depart for Pembroke at 1600. A safety and rescue craft will direct you to form a convoy in-line astern following the flagship. Once the convoy is formed and underway, you are requests to keep station.
  • Arrive at Castle Pond at 1630.
  • Moorings are available in Castle Pond but please keep clear of the slipway.
  • Depart Castle Pond by 1730.

Vessels must have a draught below 1.5m to enter Crow Pool.

For future information, listen to VHF Channel 37 and call the Pilot boat 'Rally Control'.

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