New owners Anna & Phil Busby are well known locally having setup at another quirky tearoom on the outskirts of Neyland, the the Manillas team has gained a reputation for high quality service, beautifully home baked cakes pies and great food.

The new venue at Neyland Yacht Haven represents an opportunity for the business to grow and with Anna’s style and commitment to excellence the aim is to create the same atmosphere as the original venue.

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What's in the name?

Anna’s daughter, Thea, was instrumental in the naming of the café. Whilst she was a small toddler, the name of her favourite treat, Meringue & Vanilla, didn’t seem to roll off her tongue very well. She decided that her new name for it would be 'Manilla' and so it was a family joke into Thea’s formative years!

So after months of planning and hard work the doors are now open! Anna & Phil would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone they hope to be able to serve delicious, homemade food for hungry boaters.

Lastly but not least, Phil & Anna would like to give a huge THANK YOU to James and his Yacht Haven team for the welcome and support received and we are truly excited to be working together in the future.

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