A new seagrass meadow has been laid at Dale Bay resulting in a Voluntary No Anchor Zone and three new visitor moorings.

Seagrass meadows have an astonishing capacity for absorbing carbon, improve water quality, provide a fantastic nursery for many forms of marine life, help improve fish stocks and help prevent coastal erosion. Research shows the UK has lost at least 44% of its seagrass since 1936 so Swansea University, Project Seagrass and the local community have taken steps to rectify this.

In doing so, boaters are being asked to avoid anchoring in this area to ensure the seagrass isn't damaged.

Dale Seagrass Meadow Location

New visitor moorings

Instead, three new visitor moorings have been made laid along the eastern edge of the meadow.

Vessels up to 40ft and a maximum of 10 tonnes can be accommodated. A voluntary donation of £10 overnight is suggested towards their continued upkeep when the current funding from the Swansea University seagrass project ends. Day visitors are also encouraged to make a donation at their own discretion.

Approximate position of the moorings is 51° 42.55’N 005° 9.56’W which is just north of the existing private moorings area.

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