Operation Skylake is an ongoing Dyfed-Powys Police operation in partnership with the Border Agency seeking to detect and prevent offences along Dyfed-Powys coastlines at the earliest opportunity.

What can I do to help?

Whether you work in the maritime industry, are a keen sailor, or are just walking along the coast, you should report any unusual or suspicious activity near the UK coastline and in maritime environments immediately.

This could include:

  • boats arriving at unusual times or to isolated locations
  • people taking an interest in port security buildings
  • nervous crew who show a lack of maritime protocols
  • people making attempts to signal or guide boats offshore
  • people making a large cash payment for maritime equipment
  • people being somewhere they shouldn't be
  • boats showing signs of unusual modification or minor damage

Don't ignore it, report it

If you see anything unusual or suspicious you can report it online:

Report it here

You can call the police on 101. If it is an emergency, call 999.

- UK Home Office Border Agency

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