A young boy from Pembrokeshire has transformed a traditional marina into a cutting-edge digital haven!

Young innovator Toby, aged 14, has taken the concept of our waterfront destination and morphed it into a digital environment as a home project.

Starting the project at just 11 years old, Toby taught himself the how to use different software, technologies and developer skills to be able real-life environments in a digital world.

Very soon, we'll share the link to this new environment where you can create an avatar. In doing so, you'll be able to explore the marina in a new virtual reality (VR) experience! That means you can visit the Marina Office, meet customers at Manillas, stroll to the pontoons and even jump onboard a boat!

For now, watch the short clip giving a preview of how talented Toby has recreated the marina in a new digital environment...

Well done, Toby!

See Neyland Yacht Haven in a digital world

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