NYH Dredging Equipment

How this year's dredging will work...

Our annual maintenance dredging will soon commence, starting with the Lower Basin P-Leg area.

See marina map

Dredging will take place weekdays, starting 1 hour after high water and continuing for 3 hours. During this time, a pipe will float across the channel preventing access past this point. Please keep clear from the dredger which has restricted movement and the associated floating pipework. Should you wish to use your vessel but you're going to be restricted by the dredging equipment, please contact the marina office to arrange a temporary berth.

Vessels berthed in P-Leg will be temporarily relocated by our experienced Haven Masters. If your boat is going to be moved, one of our Haven Team will contact your to inform you of your temporary berth number.

Dredging in action

If you've never seen the dredger in action before, we created a video a few years ago demonstrating how the operation works.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience while we carry out this essential maintenance work.

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