Payment of balance

We will need your full name and address and credit/debit card details to secure a booking.Full Payment of the balance is taken at the time of booking. 

Cancellation policy

Full payment is due at the time of booking. Any booking made will not be 100% confirmed until payment has been taken. Bookings may not be transferred.

If you wish to cancel a booking you must notify us in writing by either e-mail or post. If you cancel more than 14 days before the start date of your holiday, you will forfeit an administration charge of £10 per night booked and the remaining balance will be refunded. Alternatively, we can issue a full credit note for all money paid. No refunds or credit notes will be issued where a cancellation is made within 14 days of the start date of the holiday unless it is cancelled by Neyland Yacht Haven. We strongly recommend that you take out your own cancellation insurance. If you wish to leave site early, there will be no refund whatever the circumstances.

Arrival/departure time

  • Check in time: 2pm onwards or 3pm onwards for Haven Pod+
  • Check in location: At the marina office on the ground floor next to the Café. One of the marina team will be onsite to welcome you when you arrive, please advise us as to your arrival time once known.
  • Check out: 10am on morning of departure (At the marina office)


  1. Please leave the pod in a clean and tidy condition. Any articles which are damaged, broken or lost must be paid for -mattress replacement £100 contribution
  2. We reserve the right to refuse any booking or to cancel any bookings already made subject to refunding any sums you have paid, without further liability on our behalf. We suggest you arrange your own holiday insurance
  3. We reserve the right to terminate your stay if you or members of your party are believed to be causing a nuisance to other guests or are not treating the property with due respect
  4. We shall not be liable to you or any other members of your party for any loss or damage to you or your property however caused. The door must be locked when left unattended
  5. There must be no more than 2 adult members in your party
  6. Strict no smoking policy in the pod and on the deck area
  7. No pets allowed
  8. No BBQ`s on board

Guidance for Haven Pod Guests at Neyland Yacht Haven

We aim to provide a relaxed and safe environment for you to enjoy your stay and ask
that all marina rules and regulations are followed.

  1. Please be considerate to other users of our facilities. In particular restrict any activities that may cause nuisance such as loud music and unnecessary noise after 9pm. Sound travels further on the water than you would expect and so particular consideration needs to be given to noise levels.
  2. You are responsible for the conduct of your children and any guests. Those causing a nuisance will be asked to leave the marina immediately.
  3. No riding of bicycles on the pontoons or allowing children to ‘ride’ in the trolleys.
  4. Bathing, scuba diving and fishing within the marina is not permitted.
  5. Small children must wear a lifejacket and have an adult in attendance at all times.
  6. The boarding of other vessels within the marina is prohibited unless required in the case of an emergency.
  7. Refuse points and recycling points are located at each bridgehead, please dispose of waste responsibly.
  8. Speed limits on the roads are to be adhered to and speed should never exceed 10mph.
  9. Please familiarise yourself with the location of lifesaving and fire fighting equipment on the pontoons, you will find safety ladders, fire fighting and life saving equipment at regular intervals on each main walkway.
  10. Please take particular care on the pontoons when wet or icy as they can be slippery, please avoid running on the pontoons and always ensure appropriate footwear is worn. Special care needs to be taken at night.
  11. Report all accidents and potential accidents to the marina reception immediately. Please also report any defective or damaged marina equipment immediately.

Action to be taken In case of a fire on board

  • Sound the alarm pressing the emergency button located just outside the pod at the bottom of the access ramp and ensure the marina staff (Tel: 01646 601601) are aware of the situation
  • Call 999
  • Clear the area of people
  • Only tackle the fire if it is safe to do so with the extinguishers provided
  • Retreat to a safe distance and locate the nearest Fire Assembly Muster Point (opposite top of the access bridge next to black wooden fencing) Do not stop to collect belongings
  • Do not obstruct the bridges as access will be required by the emergency service and marina staff
  • Await instructions from marina staff fire warden / fire brigade 


For further information, please call 01646 601601 or email 

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