Over the course of year, our boatyard team lift hundreds of boats into storage ashore. But occassionally there are some yachts which take our team aback, and the entire Haven Team want to witness her coming out of the water.

Such a moment occured this January when we welcomed sailing smack Sunbeam Of Colchester into our boatyard. This 15m LOA smack was built by John Howard in Maldon in 1881 and, as the pictures show below, she is beautiful!

She is ashore for several months while she undergoes a winter maintenance programme. Our boatyard team lifted her, dropped her mast and removed her rudder before she was shored up in our undercover hangars.

April 2018 UPDATE

After 3 months in our boatshed, Sunbeam of Colchester was relaunched with a stunning new livery and re-fit. After having her rudder fitted outside in the boatyard, she'll head back to Tollesbury for the summer. We look forward to welcoming this beautiful classic yacht back to Fambridge next winter.

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