A warm welcome to the Cirdan Sailing Trust who currently have a couple of vessels here at Fambridge Yacht Haven.

This wonderful charity specialise in enabling young people, particularly those who are disadvantaged in some way to experience the challenge and adventure of life at sea on large sailing vessels.

Cirdan Sailing Trust

Adventure therapy

Starting in a few weeks time and based at North Fambridge until late-spring, the Trust will be taking a group of young people who have been under mental health services onto the water. With the support of the crew and their Youth Volunteers, this adventure therapy is an opportunity to boost confidence, self-esteem and much more for our young people.

Cirdan Sailing Trust Duet

The Trust's Fleet

The Trust are fortunate to have a diverse fleet of boats, each with unique character and a different setup to encourage young people to get actively involved in the running of their voyage.

    1. SY Queen Galadriel, a Baltic Trader from 1937. Find out more
    2. SY Faramir, Bermudan Ketch from 1981. Find out more
    3. SY Duet, a Classic Yawl from 1912. Find out more

The fleet are predominately based at Bradwell on the River Blackwater but all 3 vessels are using Fambridge Yacht Haven's boatyard facility and full-tide Yacht Station pontoon for winter and spring trips.

Cirdan Sailing Trust Group

The Trust's Impact

A residential sailing voyage with The Cirdan Sailing Trust provides those less fortunate with the opportunity to discover their capabilities and encourage them to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

At the end of each trip, the Trust volunteers survey their young people to record their progress and the trip's impact. Young people continue to demonstrate increased confidence, self-esteem and communication skills following a Trust voyage. 

Cirda Sailing Trust On Deck

Donate to the Trust

In order to help fund their trips, food for the young sailors and maintenance of their vessels, the Trust rely upon donations and sponsorship. 

To learn more about these opportunities, call the team on 01621 776684 or email info@cirdantrust.org

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