Our contractors and staff have made great progress with the marina works and we're delighted to inform you of the successful completion of our piling project, three weeks ahead of schedule.

The barge is now anchored out of the way in Stow Creek where it will stay until it departs under tow early next week for its return to the Medway.

Key facts from the project:

  • 33 Piles removed
  • 29 Piles installed
  • 27 pontoons removed and temporarily relocated
  • 73 boats moved and 50+ boats returned to home berths
  • 2 walkways removed
  • 2 new bridges delivered, constructed and installed
  • 57 boat lifts
  • Project finished 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Services have been restored across the marina and we are in the process of returning boats back to their home berth. These boat moves will continue over the next few weeks but if you are available to return your own boat back to your home berth, please let us know. We are waiting on the fuel supply to be reinstated which may take a few more weeks as the fuel pontoon is being extended by 5 metres. However, we can still supply diesel onshore for the interim period.

We would like to extend a special thank you to our berth holders for their understanding and cooperation during the project. Due to the sensitive nature of our surrounding environment, our marine licence restricts heavy construction during the winter months meaning we were forced to schedule the works during the spring. Thanks to everyone’s cooperation, we were able to commence the work as early as possible, minimising disruption, and ensuring the works are completed before the summer. Your support, loyalty and understanding during these works have been greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with an even better marina infrastructure for the future.

A big thank you to the Haven Team for their hard work over the last few months helping get this project completed, along with our loyal berth holders for your understanding and cooperation. A further thanks to GPS Macs and their Civil Services team (main contractor), Steve Kent (marina electrician), Walcon (pontoon and bridge manufacturer), Fast Fuel Services (fuel supply installation) and our additional 3 man boat team for moving all the boats and finger pontoons as needed.

We wish you a wonderful season on the water!

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