Update 30th October

On 2nd November, Scotts Restaurant will be reopening. Scotts @ Largs and Scotts @ Troon will be open daily until 6pm with bookings available until 4:30pm and walk in's will of course be welcome! They are not permitted to sell alcohol &  can only allow a maximum of 6 guests over the age of 12 from no more than two households per table.

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Update 9th October

The Scottish Government have issued new measures that effect eateries across the central belt of Scotland, including Largs.

Effective from 5pm on 9th October, Scotts Bar & Restaurant will be closed until Sunday 25th October at the earliest. The Bosun's Table cafe will continue operations providing indoor and outdoor table service, plus hot & cold takeaway food. The cafe is open from 9am-4pm, 7 days a week with additional tables around the marina courtyard. 

Update 24th September

With autumn upon us, getting out on the water on those calm, cooler days feels even more special. If you are therefore visiting the Yacht Haven in the near future, there is new law that has come into effect that you need to be aware of.

Effective immediately, all visitors must now wear a face covering when using any indoor facility at the Yacht Haven including the washrooms, laundry and when visiting the Marina Office. For the protection of our staff and customers, this law also applies to all Yacht Haven staff.

Please remember, if you would like us to check anything on your boat then do not hesitate to ask us, we can follow up all checks with a phone call and photos, if requested.

We remain hopeful of a long Indian Summer and plenty more days on the water, and we wish you and your loved ones good health in the weeks to come.

Carolyn Elder,
Marina Director

Update 14th September

In light of the Scottish Parliaments’ announcement on 9th September, there are new rules regarding social interactions that impact boating and berth holders visiting their boats.

Social gatherings of more than six people, from a maximum of two houses, are not allowed in law. The new rule applies to indoor and outdoor settings. One exception to this ‘rule of 6’ is if your household contains more than 6 people. Children under 12 do not count in the tally of 6.

Organised team sports are exempt from this ‘rule of 6’. The RYA’s guidance, published on 10th September, states that club on-water activities constitute as an organized team sport and, thus, the ‘rule of 6’ does not apply.

We are seeking guidance on how this ‘rule of 6’ applies to general leisure boating.

If you have a new cough, feel unwell or have lost your sense of taste or smell, please do not visit the Yacht Haven. Follow government advice to quarantine and seek a Covid-19 test.

We must all take responsibility to help stop the spread of Covid-19 by following these rules. Please wash your hands thoroughly, use our hand santizer stations on-site, uphold social distancing with others and maintain high levels of hygiene at all times.

Boating still remains firmly on the agenda and, following the shortened season, we share your desire to make the most of boating while the weather is mild, while hoping for a long Indian Summer.


Updated 24th June 2020 

Today, the Scottish Government announced further plans to ease many of the current lockdown measures.

From Friday 3rd July, travel restrictions will be removed allowing all berth holders to come to the marina and go boating, regardless of where they live.

Furthermore, from Friday 3rd July you will be able to stay in self-contained accommodation which, as far as we understand, includes staying overnight on your boat in the Yacht Haven.

You can read more about the new easing measures and plans for Phase 3 on the Scottish Government website.

The present restrictions remain in place until next week.

The prospect of getting out on the water and spending a night afloat with our friends and family is of huge relief following months of patience. We must all continue to play within the rules, remembering that Scotland's social distancing guidelines will remain at 2m. Nonetheless, we hope boating will bring you plenty of joy and relief as we enter the summer.

Carolyn Elder,
Marina Director

Updated 18th June 2020

With the Scottish Government today announcing that we are moving to Phase 2 of lockdown restrictions, we want to pass on information about what this means for leisure boating.

Many previous restrictions still remain in place and, unfortunately, boating remains limited to those who live close to the marina. These are the main points, relative to the marine industry, as we enter Phase 2:

  • Meeting others: From Friday 19th June, Scottish residents will be able to meet a larger group of family/friends outside. This must be undertaken while maintaining social distancing and rigorous hygiene standards.
  • Leisure Activities e.g. boating: Residents are still advised to stay local to your primary residence to undertake leisure activities.
  • Staying overnight: You cannot stay overnight at any location other than your primary residence. For now, this means boating is limited to day trips and please do not go ashore at any island or anchorage.
  • Shops, Businesses & Factories: Retail shops and businesses will remain closed until Friday 29th June but factories are now permitted to reopen. At Largs Yacht Haven, Saturn Sails will resume operations on Monday 22nd June and Largs Chandlers continue to sell hardware and chandlery.
  • Eating Out: From Friday 19th June, eateries will be permitted to open their outdoor space. At Largs Yacht Haven, the Bosun's Table cafe will continue their popular takeaway service, or diners can sit at tables in the courtyard. Scotts Bar & Restaurant will remain closed for now.
  • Social distancing: Social distancing remains in place with a 2m guidance, where possible. This also remains in place around all areas of the Yacht Haven.
  • Next review: The Scottish Government undertake reviews every three weeks meaning the next major update is scheduled to take place on Thursday 9th July. Once again, we will communicate what these updates mean for boating as soon as possible.

You can read the full Scottish government guidelines here.

For those fortunate enough to be able to go boating, please ensure you read our Safe Boating guidelines which you can read by clicking on the photo.


Largs Yacht Haven Safe Boating V2

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