You can now explore Neyland Yacht Haven in a new digital environment!

Last year, we gave you a sneaky peak of a new online game created by young innovator Toby, aged 14. 

Toby started creating the game when he was just 11 years old, recreating Neyland Yacht Haven in the digital world.

After continuing to develop the software, Toby has now made the digital environment available for everyone to explore and discover!

Here's how you can play...

Digital Game Aerials

Where to play the game

  • In order to play the game, follow this link to Roblox Games.
  • Press the green play button. You'll be asked to log in or setup an account.
  • Once logged in, press play and the Roblox Game will begin downloading.
  • You can now play the game!
Digital Game Patio


On a desktop computer/laptop:

  • Use your keyboard arrows to go forwards, backwards, left and right.
  • Alternatively, use 'W' for forwards, 'A' for left, 'S' for backwards and 'D' for right.
  • Press the space bar to jump.
  • Zoom out from your character by pressing 'O' (letter) and zoom in by pressing 'I' (letter).
  • To drive Rambo, the Yacht Haven workboat, press and hold 'T' to turn the engine on, then use the normal controls. To get out of Rambo, press the space bar. (Driving the boat is only available on desktop/laptop devices.)

On mobile devices, a joystick will appear on the screen to help your move your character.

Digital Game Office

What you can explore!

  • Pop into the Marina Office to meet the team.
  • Stop off at Manillas to grab a coffee and watch the sunrise/set.
  • Head down onto the Lower Basin pontoons to explore the boats.
  • Visit the Yachts.Co Showroom.
  • Jump onboard 'Rambo' (the Yacht Haven workboat at the bottom of the bridgehead) and head off for a spin on the water! 
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