Sail Scotland has launched a spectacular new series of aerial video guides showcasing Scottish marinas, anchorages, and adventures, encouraging people to explore by boat and stay in new, unique, destinations.

The video guides offer an impressive bird’s-eye view of the approach to each destination, with drone footage showcasing sweeping backdrops of Scotland’s world-class sailing grounds, dramatic coastal landscapes, and extraordinary islands.

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Largs Yacht Haven | Sail Scotland

Troon Yacht Haven | Sail Scotland

The video library of guides is the first of its kind for the marine tourism sector in Scotland, with ten guides launched online at the end of 2021. Impressively, in the first three weeks of the campaign alone, they were seen almost 700,000 times. A total of 33 locations around Scotland complete the library. Spectacular drone footage takes you sailing past the iconic Forth Bridges into Port Edgar Marina; flying over the northern end of Orkney’s historic Scapa Flow, into Stromness Marina; or enjoying a bird’s-eye view of scattered Inner Hebridean islands on approach to the gentle waters of Puilladobhrain Bay near Oban.

Sail Scotland’s extensive collaboration with the 33 featured key marinas and anchorages demonstrates the determination to support the sector at this time. Indeed, Sail Scotland has been at the forefront of drives to support the sector throughout the pandemic, in addition to their ongoing promotion of Scotland’s marine tourism industry.

Over the last decade, Sail Scotland has run a series of annual inspirational campaigns in Scotland and the wider UK. The video guide library is the latest, and follows the innovative #MustSeaScotland campaign, which showcased stunning 360-degree virtual reality voyages to must-visit sailing destinations.

Importantly, these new video guides demonstrate a marked transition into a new phase of marketing from Sail Scotland, with the addition of more detailed insights and information about some of Scotland’s classic sailing destinations. This move aims to encourage visitors to begin planning and booking elements of their trip and to support the communities surrounding each destination.

The new video guide library can be viewed online on Sail Scotland’s Aerial Guides page

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