In 2024, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first broadcast of the famous Shipping Forecast.

Steeped in tradition and a quintessential part of UK maritime life, the Shipping Forecast was first broadcast on 1st January 1924. At the time, the new style of forecast broadcasting was known as the 'Weather Shipping' report.

Nowadays, the iconic Shipping Forecast is broadcast across British radio, produced by the MET Office on behalf of the MCA. You can still hear the Shipping Forecast by tuning into BBC Radio 4 at 0048, 0520, 1201 (long wave only) and 1754 (long wave only).

To mark the 100th anniversary, why not test your knowledge of the famous UK Shipping Areas...

Shipping Forecast

Take The Quiz...

Here's how to play along...

  • Grab a cuppa, a pencil, a piece of paper and a timer.
  • Download the Shipping Forecast Map.
  • Start your timer (5mins) and try to name all 31 Shipping Area locations.
  • Once the timer is up, download the answers here to see how you got on.

Good luck!


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