14 Aug 2024 - 15 Aug 2024

The most anticipated event in the city's annual events calendar will see thousands of spectators heading up to the Hoe and the Mount Batten Peninsula for two evenings of entertainment, culminating in spectacular fireworks displays from six companies seeking the coveted title of British Firework Champions.

Entertainment will start from around 6pm on Plymouth Hoe and the first fireworks display will start at around 9.30pm each evening as dusk falls. 

Believed to be Britain’s most spectacular fireworks display, the British Firework Championships offer a visual treat not to be missed!

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Where to watch

Plymouth Hoe offers a great viewing platform for this truly incredible sight and thousands of Plymouth residents and holiday makers turn out annually for the event. 

The fireworks themselves are set off from Mount Batten Breakwater so Batten Bay round to Jennycliff also offer great viewing areas.

Plymouth Aerial With Plymouth Sound

Watching by boat

Dropping an anchor in Plymouth Sound is a unique way to watch the fireworks, with the gentle sea sounds providing a unique soundtrack to the displays.

A Notice to Mariners gets published close to the event with a exclusion zone around Mount Batten Breakwater, so ensure you plan ahead.

Visitor berthing is always in high demand for the event, so please plan ahead and book a visitor berth at Plymouth Yacht Haven. 

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Visiting Mount Batten

Located just across the water from the Barbican and easily accessible by water ferry or road, the Mount Batten Peninsula is full of history, activities, beautiful beaches, great food & drink and spectacular views.

The 17th century Mount Batten tower is a noticeable landmark on the peninsula with open days throughout the year. Mount Batten Watersports Centre offer a wide range of watersports, from SUP to sailing, kayaking and more.

Mount Batten Beach and Jennycliff bay are beautiful spots for family picnics, all within easy reach of Plymouth city centre. And we're blessed by some wonderful eateries, from light bites to waterside dining and drinks...

Plymouth The Bridge Terrace Daytime

The Bridge At Mount Batten

Galley Kitchen

The Galley Kitchen

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