We are often asked about whether the use of Personal Watercrafts are permitted within Plymouth. So here's some useful links and tips for anyone wanting to use JetSki around Plymouth Sound and the Tamar Estuaries.

Are Personal Watercrafts permitted in Plymouth?
Yes, the use of Personal Watercrafts or Jet Skis is permitted within the Port of Plymouth. However, all crafts must be registered with the Port's registration scheme. Registration is free but you must show evidence of your boat insurance and have read all the appropriate Codes of Conduct. Once the registration is completed and accepted, you will be sent an ID sticker which must be visible on the craft at all times.

Register your craft

Where can I launch a Personal Watercraft?
JetSkis are unsuitable to be launched within our boat lifts at Plymouth Yacht Haven, nor at our sister-site Yacht Haven Quay. We advise you launch from one of the many local slipways such as Mount Batten.

Find a slipway

Are there restrictions on where Personal Watercrafts can go?
All recreational craft users are advised to keep well clear of the main channels around the Port of  Plymouth. The Queens Harbour Master has designated high speed areas specifically for waterskiing, jet skiing, and power boating, shown on the chart.

View the PWC Code of Conduct & Chart

View the Waterways Map

Where can I get fuel?
A jerry-can petrol service is available at Yacht Haven Quay on the River Plym. Diesel is available from Plymouth Yacht Haven.

Who can I ask for more advice?
For further advice regarding the use of Personal Watercrafts in Plymouth, we suggest you contact one of the following bodies:

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