We continue to update our COVID-19 blogs for each of our Yacht Havens to ensure we provide the most up-to-date, relevant and important information about your local Yacht Haven.

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For the latest information from Jachthaven Biesbosch, you can read the COVID-19 update (in English) here or the UPDATE Corona Maatregelen (in Dutch) here.

Updated 11th May 2020

Following the Prime Minister’s statement on 10th May 2020, and the decision by the devolved Governments in Wales and Scotland to adopt different approaches to the COVID-19 virus, we are setting up dedicated blogs for each of our Yacht Havens. This will allow us to provide greater, more relevant and up-to-date information about your local Yacht Haven.

For the latest update from your Yacht Haven, please follow the links below:

The advice to boaters in the Netherlands and at Jachthaven Biesbosch differs again from the UK. For the latest information from Jachthaven Biesbosch, you can read the English blog here or the Dutch blog here




Updated 30th April 2020

Keeping you and your boat safe

A sincere thank you to all of our berth holders and guests for adhering to government advice by not frequenting our marinas during the period of lockdown, and therefore helping to reduce social interaction and the risk of spreading the virus.

Government guidelines have classified marinas in the same way as holiday parks, caravan parks and mobile home sites. Travelling to these locations, and staying overnight in temporary residences, is not permitted. Please do not self-isolate onboard your boat or stay onboard overnight. You should stay in your primary residence.

As we face an extended lockdown into early-May, we are very aware how much we are all missing boating, even if it is just pottering around on your boats in the marina, checking batteries and dehumidifiers etc.

We want to reassure you, our Haven Teams and modern security systems remain in place to maintain safety and security across all of our sites and to take care of your boats. Our normal operating hours are continuing across all our locations but we have taken steps to safeguard our staff by rolling out new operating practices and providing PPE to all employees. We are out on the pontoons every day, checking lines, fenders and sail covers and keeping an eye on everything.

Please remember, if you would like us to check anything on your boat then do not hesitate to ask us, we can follow up all checks with a phone call and photos, if requested.

Our Haven Teams are happy to undertake any checks of your boat and its systems on your behalf. This may include:

  • Checking batteries
  • Checking dehumidifiers
  • Turning appliances on/off
  • If you have left perishable goods onboard, then our Haven Team can remove these items and donate/dispose of them as appropriate.

Please continue to communicate with us remotely, by phone and email. We are here to support you and take care of your boat.

Some of our resident marine businesses have changed their working practices to abide by Government guidelines. As a result, many of these marine services can help prepare your boat so it is ready for post-lockdown. Contact your marina office for their contact information.

We have no doubt that, in time, we will all be enjoying our freedom to go boating again. For the time being, we are setting up new safe practices and social distancing measures to help prepare for a safe return to boating as soon as restrictions are lifted.

A special shout out to our boating community

We have witnessed a number of companies who have taken extraordinary steps to provide services to the local community and essential key workers. These businesses deserve a special shout out…

  • Saturn Sails, Largs, crowdfunded to purchase specific raw materials, before manufacturing and delivering over 5000 PPE visors to key workers, care workers, charities and the NHS Trusts in Ayrshire.
  • Ropewalk, Lymington, donated over 100 FFP3 masks to Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.
  • Our dry stack and boatyard facility in Lymington, Haven Quay, donated their supply of masks to the frontline NHS in Dorset
  • Sanders Sails, Lymington, donated 650 visors to local essential workers, cut out 500 scrubs for the New Forest’s hospitals using their laser cutter, and have manufactured 1200 bags for the delivery of these items.
  • James Brooke of the James Brooke Academy of Nautical Excellence, is now working for Operation Nightingale, a voluntary relief project focused on unifying a veteran community to support doctors, nurses and supply chains at Nightingale Hospital.

Please continue to stay safe in these times and we very much look forward to welcoming you back in the not too distant future.




Update: 24th March 2020

Our commitment to you

Following last night’s instruction from the Government, we must all focus on how best to protect and support our families, employees, customers and communities in the face of this unfolding crisis.

We are following the advice from the UK Government and regional Public Health bodies and we kindly urge our customers to do the same. We encourage you to stay at home, to adhere to social distancing instructions and to avoid all non-essential travel.

At Yacht Havens, with immediate effect, we will be battening down the hatches and taking every appropriate measure to help keep our customers, our staff and your boats safe.

Our teams will be on-site to maintain security and to take care of your boats. We will be out on the pontoons, checking lines and boats and keeping an eye on everything, so please rest assured that your boat remains safe in our care.

Until further notice, we will stop operating our hoist, except for emergencies.

Please continue to communicate with us remotely, by phone and email. We are here to support you and take care of your boat during these unprecedented times.

We will continue to keep you updated and we welcome you to get in touch if you have any questions about our approach to COVID-19.

We have no doubt that, in time, we will all be enjoying our boating again.

In the meantime, keep safe, keep calm and we will see you soon.




Update: 16th March 2020

At Yacht Havens, we have been operating marinas for nearly 50 years, but the speed and ever-changing situation relating to COVID-19 virus is a new situation for us all. 

For now, our current status is that we are open for business as normal.

It is our top priority to ensure our Yacht Havens are a safe environment for our berth holders, visitors and staff. A place where you can relax, spend quality time onboard, and enjoy the boating life.

We are closely monitoring the daily changing situation and Government guidelines. The latest major update from the government is surrounding what people should do if they develop particular symptoms. The guidance is now for people to stay at home for 14 days if they have either a high temperature or a new continuous cough.

  • If you or anyone in your household are not feeling well, we ask you to please postpone your visit to the marina until you’re feeling better.
  • If you do need to stay at home or you’re feeling unwell, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or email if you have any queries or you need us to carry out any checks on your boat.
  • We are reviewing our staff rotas to minimise the risk to our Haven Teams, and to ensure that we can continue to operate our business as usual.
  • We are increasing our cleaning rotas to ensure that all surfaces, doors, card payment machines and security keypads on doors and gates are disinfected more frequently.
  • For the foreseeable future, we will not be accepting cash. Card or BACS transfers are the preferred methods of payment.
  • Each of our Yacht Havens will be further assessed on a site-by-side basis

The situation and Government guidelines are changing daily and as a result our response will be dynamic. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Haven Team.

For now, it is business as usual at all our Yacht Havens and, on behalf of the entire team, we wish you an enjoyable season ahead on the water.

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