Whether you’re one of our regular Lymington paddleboarders, who comes to the Yacht Haven all prepped and ready with your SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) strapped to your yacht, or you’re a SUP novice, keen to have a go and hire one nearby, you’ll be pleased to hear you’re in for a treat.

The Solent is a fantastic destination for paddle boarding, with its calm waters, stunning scenery, and variety of locations suitable for different skill levels.

We’ve put our heads together and pulled together a shortlist of our favourite paddleboarding locations close to the Lymington River and easily accessible from Lymington Yacht Haven...

Lymington Newtown Creek

1. Newtown Creek

Distance from Lymington Yacht Haven - 5nm

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This tranquil creek on the Isle of Wight is a paddle boarder's paradise. Rich in diverse wildlife, the area offers the chance to spot herons, kingfishers, and various waterfowl, enhancing the serene and immersive experience. The peaceful ambiance and breath-taking scenery make it a perfect location for leisurely exploration and connecting with nature on your paddle board. Remember to not disturb the wildlife. Observing from a distance helps protect these wonderful creatures and their habitat. 

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2. Beaulieu River

Distance from Lymington Yacht Haven - 7.5 nm 

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Winding through the heart of the New Forest, the Beaulieu River offers a truly tranquil and scenic paddle boarding experience. The river’s calm, sheltered waters meander through ancient woodlands and open heathlands, providing paddle boarders with stunning views of the diverse landscapes. As you glide along the river, you’ll pass by the historic village of Bucklers Hard, a beautifully preserved 18th-century shipbuilding hamlet where many of Nelson’s fleet were built. The charming waterfront, lined with Georgian cottages and a maritime museum, adds a touch of history to your journey. Wildlife is abundant here, with opportunities to spot deer, otters, and various bird species along the riverbanks. The combination of serene natural beauty, historical significance, and rich wildlife makes the Beaulieu River an ideal spot for a leisurely and memorable paddle boarding adventure.

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3. Osborne Bay

Distance from Lymington Yacht Haven -10nm

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Located east of Cowes, Osborne Bay is usually very sheltered from the wind which makes it a great sun trap in the midday sunshine, this makes it an ideal spot for an afternoon paddle. The bay offers beautiful views and a chance to paddle near Queen Victoria’s former residence. You can even visit her private beach and see her 'bathing machine' at Osborne House.

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4. The River Yar

Distance from Lymington Yacht Haven - 3nm 

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With its charming harbour and nearby coastline, the River Yar on the Isle of Wight offers excellent paddle boarding opportunities. The waters here are generally calm, and you can enjoy paddling along the scenic River Yar or exploring the nearby coastline. If you Paddle to the very end of the Yar you can visit The Red Lion at Freshwater and soak in there lovely beer garden and fine selection of ales. 

Lymington Hurst Castle

5. Keyhaven & Hurst Spit

Distance from Lymington Yacht Haven - 3.5nm 

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This area provides a great paddle boarding experience with its mix of sheltered waters and stunning coastal scenery. Paddle around the Keyhaven marshes and pop in for a drink at The Gun Inn or head towards Hurst Spit and Hurst Castle for a more adventurous route. 

Stay Safe Afloat

Whatever activity you’re planning on the water, there’s always the need for caution. The water can be unpredictable, conditions can change very quickly, and you should always be prepared in case you get into difficulty.

Here’s a run down of what to do before heading out on your paddleboard adventure:

  1. Book a lesson. Make sure you’re confident on a SUP before you go exploring.
  2. Get a SUP buddy. Don’t go alone, it’s much more fun to paddleboard with a pal and you can help one another if the unexpected occurs.
  3. Check the weather forecast. Choppy water can be extremely challenging and conditions can change quickly. If in doubt, don’t go out! View live weather from Lymington or why not check out our live webcams!
  4. Avoid offshore winds. The water might look calm, but offshore winds can quickly blow you and your paddleboard out to sea. If you decide to launch from the beach, stick to a lifeguarded beach, check the orange windsock for wind direction and ask a lifeguard if you’re unsure.
  5. Check tide times. The pull of the tide can be strong. In one direction you might glide along but remember paddleboarding back against the tide can be tiring, especially if you’re a beginner. Think of your timings and daylight hours, you don’t want to run out of water as the tide retracts or lose the light. Spring and neap tides can catch you out too so check ahead.
  6. Dress right. Wear the appropriate gear. During the winter months you might want a wet suit or dry suit and in the summer it might be warm, but the water can still be very cold, so you might still opt for a wetsuit.
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