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Welcome to Plymouth Yacht Haven - Much more than a marina!

Winter Dredging Updates

As announced in the Autumn, we are undertaking a 'Once in 20 Years' project this winter in commissioning a full dredge of the marina.

Update - 1st November

We're underway! The Jenkins Marine team arrived in the marina on the 30th November after safely making their way from Poole. The two Hopper Barges - MV Needles and MV Nab - the Barge - MV Doreen Dorward - and their workboat - Beaver 3 - are all now dredging A pontoon. Over the next few weeks, they'll be dredging the inner basin around the hoist bay and fuel station. This means you can see them on our webcam - take a look!

Prior to their arrival, our Haven Team have moved all boats from P5 and A pontoons. Now dredging is underway, our team have begun preparing pontoons B and C ready for dredging later in December. 

Update - 1st December

Progress is well underway with the inner basin finished and the dredging moving onto A, B and C pontoons. We're extremely grateful to so many berth holders choosing to come ashore. This has allowed us to move other berth holders into temporary berths while dredging. Over the coming weeks, we'll start moving boats and finger pontoons out from berths D, E, F and G in preperation for dredging these berths.

Update - 3rd January

We're now dredging pontoons E, F and G. Pontoons A-C are back together and fingers have been returned. We're now using this area to temporarily berth boats who are on pontoons E-I! 

It's a constant battle to stay ahead of the Jenkins Marine team who dredge for around 8 hours a day. We constantly need to be working together to ensure they don't miss an hour of dredging! 

So far we're on schedule and aiming for a mid-March finish.

Update - 8th February

On the finishing straight! Most of the marina is back together with just a few more areas around L, M and O pontoons to dredge. Once the inner basin is finshed, we'll move on to P6-P8. 

Once each area of the dredge is finished, a bathymetric survey is undertaken to ensure there aren't any missed spots. The survey gives us a full picture of the seabed and allows us to assess the depth around each berth.

Update - 12th March

That's it! Jenkins Marine have undertaken dredging at Yacht Haven Quay and Turnchapel Wharf which gave us time to put pontoons back together and return some berth holders to their home berths. The final section dredged was off the eastern end f N pontoon. A big thank you to everyone's cooperation and understanding during these essential works. Although Jenkins Marine have been excellent throughout, we hope not to see them back at the Yacht Haven for many years to come!

More updates to follow - check our Facebook page for even more updates, clips and photos.


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