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What's happening at Fambridge Yacht Haven this season?

We're giving away FREE plug-in timers to all Fambridge Yacht Haven customers

18 September 2013

Keep your boat warm and dry this winter with a FREE plug-in timer for all Fambridge Yacht Haven customers*

Winter is approaching, and it’s time to think about how best to manage keeping your boat warm and dry over the cold, damp months ahead. Small heaters and dehumidifiers offer good protection. We recommend an electric tube type heater, which is safe, very effective and more efficient with a low power consumption. To save money on your energy costs and to keep electric consumption across the marina to a minimum, please take advantage of our great offer to supply a free plug-in timer to use with your winter heaters, dehumidifiers and battery chargers whilst you lay up your vessel for the winter.

Please collect your free timer from the Marina Reception

Plug In Mechanical Timer 300PxBy using your free timer, your heater, dehumidifier and/or battery chargers will be set to come on through the night only rather than remaining on 24 hours – your vessel will remain at a suitable temperature during the day until the next evening. If you have one, your frost protection thermostat will be unaffected through the night.

If it gets very cold during January and February, you can set the timer to come on for an hour mid-afternoon. Should you require constant power during the day whilst visiting your boat, there is a temporary override button on the timer itself – please remember to remove the temporary override when you leave.

The benefits are:

● Reducing your consumption, especially during the day, will greatly reduce your electric bills

● Reduced costs help Fambridge Yacht Haven to keep charges lower than our competitors

● Less power is being drawn during the day, helping to reduce overloading which may cause the supply to ‘trip’

● Less power being drawn during the day helps reduce ‘voltage drop’ around the marina and Yacht Station

● * NO COST TO YOU - the timer is supplied free of charge to all Fambridge Yacht Haven annual and winter storage customers

Whilst thinking about laying up your boat for the winter, please remember:

● If you choose to use a heater, we recommend that you use ‘tube’ type heaters - these are safe, effective and more efficient with a low power consumption. 'Fan’ heaters are discouraged and due to the higher temperatures involved fan heaters should not be left unattended. They are a common cause of boat fires as they can topple over or the fan bearing can seize causing an overload. 

● Any sailing boat coming ashore must have its furling jib removed prior to being hauled out.