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What's happening at Lymington this season?

Marina hosts BBC Radio Solent broadcast

Neil BBC interview 2 bbc interview Bojar

26 July 2015

Lymington Yacht Haven were delighted to host BBC Radio Solent and the H2O On The Water radio show from on-board berth holder classic yacht Bojar.

Radio Presenters Shelly Jory-Leigh and Neil Sackley were joined by Lymington Yacht Haven Marina Director Rupert Wagstaff and the owner of SY Bojar, Andrew Pearson. 

The show, broadcasted on Sunday 19th July 2015, discussed in the length the history of Lymington Yacht Haven and the return of Lymington Classic Regatta. Andrew Pearson, a member of the British Classic Yacht Club (BCYC), gave his opinion of the regatta and gave unique insight into his stunning 52" Johan Anker-designed 1937 classic yacht, Bojar.

Discussing the Lymington Classic Regatta, Andrew commented, "The regatta is recreating something that happening in the 1920s when the first Yacht Squadron members came down to Lymington to race and formed the, now called, Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Five Yacht Squadron members were influencial in setting up the local regatta and the club which subsequently gained its royal charter in the 1930s"

You can hear the show on the BBC Radio Solent Listen Again feature (available until mid-August 2015). 

Many thanks to Andrew Pearson for kindly allowing the show to be recorded on-board Bojar.

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