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Staying afloat for the winter?

TOP 5 tips for mooring your boat over the winter

TakingMooringLine Winter snow popcorn1

01 October 2018

We're fortunate to have a naturally well-protected marina at Plymouth Yacht Haven. 'P' Pontoon provides a strong outer perimeter for the Yacht Haven and lots of new finger pontoons have been installed so we're more than ready for anything the winter throws at us!

If you're planning on leaving your boat afloat in a marina over the winter, here are a few tips from our Haven Team that will really help when the wind starts to blow:

1 - One line, one job

Try to avoid the "running W" mooring line (one long line starting at the bow cleat on the finger, to the boat, back to the middle cleat, to the midships cleat on the boat, then to the aft cleat, then finally back to the boat). The "running W" makes it very difficult to adjust lines in a gale. Use separate lines for bow and stern, two long spring lines and, if it makes you rest easier, double-up where you feel necessary. We check boats several times a day during the winter so having your lines like this will allow our Haven Team to make adjustments.

2 - Fendering

If you've got them, use them! We often see boats without enough fenders of the right size, but lots in baskets or lockers. 

3 - Shackles

Avoid using metal shackles straight on to the pontoon cleats. This will only end up with the shackle or the cleat getting broken. Either way, the end result will be the same - your boat not properly attached to the finger.

4 - Avoid short lines

It's best to avoid short. tight lines from midships to the centre finger cleat. The rope will exert big snatch loads. If you have a midships line, ensure it is long enough to stretch to absorb any load.

5 - Lines

Before you leave your boat for the winter, check the quality of your moorings lines. Damaged ropes will break under heavy loads which will put additional stress on all your good lines. If your line is damaged, the part of the rope in question can be cut out and you could be left with a useable length of rope.

Looking for a winter berth?

Our Haven Team are on duty 24/7, all-year round to look after your boat. We provide all-tide marina berthing for 450 boats up to 45m LOA. Our boatyard includes a 75 ton boat hoist, indoor and outdoor storage for short or long term, mast stepping and much more - all operating all-year round.